Personalised Firearm Training

Whether for self-defense, sports shooting or business purposes; we have training to suit your needs.

Individual Attention

Small groups or one on one training offers individual attention and training for any skill level.

Specialised training

Not all students learn in the same way. Training is adapted to create an enjoyable experience for even the most timid shooters.


Obtaining a firearm licence is a process. Guidence is given every step of the way, assisting applicants from start to finish.

Training Dynamics

Unlike the vast majority of Firearm Training institutes, FTC works in small groups to offer shooters individual personalised attention.

This hands on approach offers a comfortable and effective learning environment, whilst ensuring controlled and safe training.

Firearm Training Centre (FTC) was established in 2018 to meet the Firearm training needs of the South African market


Featured Courses

Basic Competency

Before you can apply for a firearm license, you need to complete and pass the prescribed competency training at an accredited training institution and obtain …
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When you apply for a licence to possess a firearm, you need to include a detailed motivation outlining why you need the firearm and what …
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Firearm Training

Whether you own a firearm for self defence, sport shooting or hunting, every gun owner should train with their weapon. Training will improve confidence, accuracy …
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    In addition to Competency Training, assistance with Motivations and specialised firearm training; Firearm Training centre also offer the following services:

    Business Competency
    Firearm related estate problems
    Firearms control act (60 of 2000) queries


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