Firearm Training Centre (FTC) was established, by Vaughn Williams, in 2018 to meet the self-protection needs of the niche South African market that identified the need, amongst the violent turmoil in the country, to be able to defend their lives and those of their loved ones.

FTC has since expanded to include aspects of sport’s shooting for both adult and youth enthusiasts.

FTC also specialises in the training of female shooters who may be apprehensive over the prospect of owning a firearm, but acknowledge the need to have one.


Firearm Training Centre’s services include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic Firearm training (handgun, shotgun, rifle)
  • Competency applications
  • Business Competency (Handgun, shotgun, rifle)
  • Firearm applications
  • Firearm related estate problems
  • Firearms Control Act (60 of 2000) queries
  • Motivations for licence applications
  • Intermediate Firearm Training
  • Advanced Firearm Training


Unlike the vast majority of Firearm Training institutes, FTC works in small groups to offer shooters individual personalised attention.

This hands on approach offers a comfortable and effective learning environment, whilst ensuring controlled and safe training.

Firearm Training Centre operates out of the Gunnar Arms and Ammunition shooting range in Bruma, Johannesburg.